Dienstag, 11. November 2008

Damo Suzuki & The Whole

Just wanted to let you know, in case you happen to be in Germany: we're gonna play our next gig with Damo in Offenbach (next to Frankfurt).

luv, stollllllllllllle & member

Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Stolle & Member - Sonntags Aufm Dorf 2008

Welcome to the next chapter of the Adventures of Stolle & Member's July 2008 Recordings!
This time we present you some more song- and freak-folk-oriented tunes.
The title "Sonntags Aufm Dorf" means Sunday in the village, because Stolle lives in a little village and enjoys it pretty much. This is the shortest mix of this original 15 minutes piece, maybe later we might release some more of this.
At the beginning of our meeting, Stolle's girlfriend was still there, trying to get a ride to Berlin, and so Stolle sings for her "
I wanna go to Berlin" in the second song.
Ohne Strom" was one of our best, sadly unrecorded tunes, so we use the lyrics of the song to overdub another.
I'm a Funky Brother" was a little funky track that we recorded to calm down right after the "When The Machines Rock" -Experience.
Das Grammophon" was an overdub made by Member during the master process at his home, using a radio and vocals.
Soundcheck" was the very first track we recorded as a recording soundcheck.
Öffne Dein Herz" -Open Your Heart is a beautiful little tune with acoustic guitars and toy keyboard.
10 Jahre 98" is a two-acoustic-guitars-tune, as we did way back in the days of our "Numbers-" Period in 1998, which had been the start of Stolle and Member as a Duo.
Dogyo Ninin" is a electro-acoustic piece with the use of distortion and feedback on percussion and keyboards. The track title was inspired by Ian McDonald's SciFi Book "Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone"
The Centerpiece of these tunes is a track called "Die Fingur". An electro-acoustic tour de force using delayed toy keys, bass, flute, zither and several percussion. In this track and also in "Das Grammophon" we use Poems of Christian Morgenstern, a well-known german writer.
We hope you will enjoy our journeys! More adventures soon will come.

Listen to three tracks.

Get the whole thing here.

Stolle & Member

Montag, 1. September 2008

Gustavo Jobim And Friends - Belles Alliances 2008

One year ago the brazillian keyboarder Gustavo Jobim called for collaboration for his new CD "Abstract Painings" via the "faust-mailing-list". Member was one among 11 others, who answered this call and now the collaboration CD is finnished and this is the track list:

1. I Tasted Jobim (5:11)
GJ + The Chorlton Radiophonic Workshop (USA)

2. Joan Mitchell's Ici (16:28) GJ + That Hideous Strength (USA)

3. Untitled (10:57) GJ + Nathan Siter (USA/Finland)

4. Untitled (2:15) GJ + Conrad Schnitzler (Germany)

5. Musica Sem Nome (5:58) GJ + Helder Correia (Portugal)

6. Crepusculum (1:34) GJ + Amyr Cantusio Jr. (Brazil)

7. Will-o'-the-Wisp (2:09) GJ + Robert Jaz (USA)

8. Summer Breeze (5:56) GJ + Member (Germany)

9. Untitled (3:54) GJ + Daniel Bordini (Brazil)

10. Untitled (9:28) GJ + Leandro Theodorico (Brazil)

11. Abstract Painted Train (9:59) GJ + Ronny Waernes (Norway)

12. Cyprinodontiform Manifesto (2:12) GJ + Justynn Tyme (USA)

You will find the download link here on Gustavo Jobims Homepage. You can choose between two links in mp3 320 kbps or in flac, both with the complete artwork in pdf.
It is a great honour for Member to be part of this project and every artist involved in this project did a great job, among them Conrad Schnitzler one of the founders of Tangerine Dream and Kluster who had a deep impact on the music of the emptyblaukraut universe and is surely one of our hereos...
....so don't miss this....it's really fantastic music

Samstag, 30. August 2008

Der Berg Groovt

Member runs a new blog presenting the wonderful music of Der Berg Groovt, his neighbourhood free music collective. Some time ago, last year, we post the very first session of this project, you may have a look here to remember. The blog is written in german language and in the future it will be written by all different members of the project... telling the adventures of this Hippie-like Community. You will find this blog here.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

Stolle & Member - When The Machines Rock 2008

Hello Friends,
here we go again! Having met at Stolle's place in July, we recorded several hours worth of new material, and after our track WELLEN, which you can find on the EMBRYO THOUGHTS - Sampler by HLFP 02, we would like to give to you the next piece culled from these sessions.
This one is a 50-minute-impro which occasionally turned into a cover of an old Lay De Fear- Tune called WHEN THE MACHINES ROCK.
For those of you who like to check it out first, here's a single edit and an excerpt of the original Lay De Fear Version:

Get the whole thing

Embryonic machine 10:32

Birth Of The Machine 9:11
Wake Of The Machine (mixed & edit) 12:59
When The Machines Rock (mixed & edit) 15:20

Stay tuned for upcoming stuff, and enjoy!
Stolle & Member

Dienstag, 19. August 2008

HLFP 02 - Embryo Thoughts

This is the second Compilation from homemade lofi psychedelic. The Concept for this Compilation was, that every artist recorded a song exclusively for that compilation. The Call arrived to us just as Member arrived at home after the Stolle & Member recording workshop, so it was easy for us to choose one new track that fits perfect into this compilation. Member did a mix of one track called "Wellen", that we recorded on two different sources, CD & MD, mix it together and cut it down to the recommended length of 10 minutes and send it to Mike, the contributor of homemade lofi psychedelic, and then Members Computer crushed down, because the motherboard was damaged...

Now everything is fixed again all the data was saved and we're back again to please you with emptyblaukraut music starting with this compilation....
You can get it here on

homemade lofi psychedelic

The first Compilation, HLFP 01 - Relax And Float Downstream, contains also an emptyblaukraut track, in this case an Egomania Track taken from the album MOON


stolle & member

In The Meantime

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last weeks, again Member got some problems with his computer on the other hand we were very busy....
Stolle & Member did a recording workshop in Stolles "blaukraut microstudio" we will posting soon some tracks.... A first snippet can be heared on the "HLFP 02" Compilation....

...and then Member did a collaboration with the brazilian keyboarder
Gustavo Jobim, for his CD "Belles Alliances" the collaboration companion to his new solo recording "Abstract Paintings". These two CDs will be released on September 1st as a free download internet release, so be prepared for that....
all the best

Stolle & Member

Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Lay De Fear - Im Zentrum Des Lichts 1994

In the beginning of our constantly changing universe there was a strange experimental free impro group called LAY DE FEAR. Stolle Fear, Member Fear and Chris Fear founded this group in february 1993.

The music of LAY DE FEAR took place in a former monastery, the theatre "Akademie Reuschberg".

We used to meet just three times a year for long trip out weekends. Additional to the three founders, there sometimes were 15 people around who shared our musical vision, among them Steffi and Marcus and many others.

In autumn 1993 we did our first live gig to support Damo Suzuki at the Asta Fest, FH Frankfurt.

Our influences were groups like CAN, Velvet Underground and Nine Inch Nails. The Music happened very spontaneous, out of the moment we were doing it, and oscillated between industrial, toy-keyboard-avantgarde-schlager, meditation, nonsense and free kraut rock textures.

Although after four years the project fell apart in 1996, it had a deep impact on us, it truly can be said that this experience changed our lives. Stolle & Member continued this trip as a duo and since then devotedly built this constantly changing universe until now, and promise to
walk that road further on and on and on.....

This, now, is a look in our best gig ever, at the ZENTRUM Offenbach on April the 30th 1994.

This post was inspired by homemade lofi psych, who posted a dedication to Lay De Fear, a live track from the band Orange.

Im Zentrum Des Lichts

Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008

Egomania - Darkness 2002

Egomanias deep dig into dark ambient. 2002 was a dark year in Members Life. His father died, his girlfriend left. This record is his retrospective view to the year 2002. Recorded in December 2002. The first recordings with his 8-Track tape machine. He tuned his E-Bass down to C and played it with a bow, added spoken blues samples and spheric computersounds. Mixed forwards and backwards and then compiled for your drowning pleasure in 2003. Gaze into the abyss with member.

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Stolle - Wood Songs 2004

After finishing his LAST - album, Stolle took things literally and stopped recording as an Solo-Artist. In 2004, however he started recording again, this time featuring just his voice, his acoustic guitar (and ...errrr... a telephone), and mostly doing covers of stuff he found influential on him or that was requested by his friends (Member, for example, requested Radioaktivität). Thus returning to his roots as the semiprofessional campfire-musician he was in his teens, the result was pretty cool. A beautiful cover was made by Jürgen, - and nothing happened.
But then, last week, Jürgen came to the bar where Stolle works, had some Single Malt Whiskys, and so it came to pass that finally we have another Stolle record - the one after the last one. Never say never, they say...
Get three songs here:


get the one after the last one here

luv, stolllllllle

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Egomania - Planet Pop 2001

Planet Pop is Members LoFi Disco Trash Song Record. Recorded with a damaged IV-Track Tape Recorder, cheap Toy Keyboard Beats and cheap japanese digital guitar multieffects. The songs are telling the story of the spaceship "ULRICH" and the discovery of the legendary planet "POP V" far out in space and time.....

Planet Pop


Samstag, 14. Juni 2008

Stolle - Last 2002

in 2001, stolle got increasingly dissatisfied with his project UBIK paint, which he finally left. Also, a relationship to a girl ended in a very heartbreaking way. this record is the result of a creative eruption to overcome these things. The title being almost prophetic, this is stolle's last solo record until now, and he considers it as his best, also.

Check out 3 songs:


get the last stolle record here

luv, stolllllllle

Montag, 2. Juni 2008

Stolle & Member - Live @ Wort & KlangBildstelle, Frankfurt/M 15.5.2008

Our Heroes performing live again. Once more, it was a very relaxed thing, everything went smoothly, and you can hear Finn, the bass player of the support act, who joined us on bass spontaneously and, in the last track Tor Löwenherz, an old friend of Member, who also played bass in our closing track - a 3 Bass-Player Performance . Because of the place, which had several design-ateliers in the neighborhood, we named the tracks after famous designers. After the gig, the listeners asked as about the story Member improvised in "Colani", so in case you want to know, we'll put the text in the comments. 

get it here
Stolle & Member

Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008

Damo Suzuki & The Whole Live @ Cellarium, Knittlingen 9.5.2008

Our third Gig with Damo Suzuki & The Whole. The Location was very beautiful, and for the second time we were enlightened by the wonderful lightshow of Kosmik Klaus & His Solar Sea Slide Show. We played a very powerful, loud and grooving show. Maybe our best gig with Damo yet...
This is Members first rough mix of the show, but we still like it. Recorded the same way we did it last time - 8 track laptop recording.

get it here and here

Stolle & Member

alternate link (megaupload)

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2008

MIRG - Freak Out! 2000

MIRG in the year 2000 was really special. The first time we worked outside Reuschberg at Stolles Home, and the first time we did multitrack recording with MIRG.
A creative overflow and beautiful recordings were the result and it still sounds good.It was the first great peak for MIRG...
2000 was a good year for us all. The beginning of emptyblaukraut - Stolle & Member - Elemente - Stolle - Blues - Egomania - Moon - The late UBIK paint and here it is: MIRG - Freak Out! 2000

Four prelistening examples:

and the whole thing:

and get a new bonus CD

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008

UBIK paint - A Collection of 2006 Remasters

UBIK paint was Stolle's Band at his hometown, working from 1996-2001. Meeting at least once a week, Martin, Stephan and Stolle recorded their stuff with an experimental approach, which did not prevent the occasional pop-song from emerging. Having three strong Singer/Songwriters and Multiinstrumentalists in one Band was not the worst thing either. They released 3 1/2 records, played a handful of gigs, and nothing happened. All participants agree that UBIK paint was the best band they ever had. For further information, check Stephan's page ubisonic.
After splitting, Stolle got the analogue 8-Track-Recorder and all of the Mastertapes, so that in 2006 he did a complete remastering of that stuff, of which you can hear a collection right here.

4 examples for your listening pleasure:

and the whole thing here

We Will Be Back Soon

Sometimes the Internet is just a small part in our life and there is no time left to upload our music on this blog. In the meantime Member did a gig with Der Berg Groovt on the "Gathering Of The Tribes" Festival in Frankfurt, while Steffi & Stolle made some very beautiful recordings at Stolles Place in Bruchhausen, then we did a meeting with MIRG for a week at the Akademie Reuschberg to celebrate Steffi's Birthday. After this we doin the job and live our hard lives. We listened to a lot of stuff from our vaults to keep it up here. The next thing we will present to you, it will be a shiny diamond - I promise. Oh and by the way, we re-upped the second part of Stolle & Member - Reuschberg ...
In the next days we play again with Damo Suzuki & The Whole at the Cellarium in Knittlingen on May, 9 and just six days later on May, 15 we doing our next Stolle & Member Gig at the Wort & KlangBildstelle Frankfurt. More Infos on our myspace site.
See you soon....

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008


In 2000, Stolle got some presents: first was a child's toy keyboard, and second was an old four track cassette-recorder. with the help of Member and Stephan from UBIK paint, this album was made. the lofi-approach of the music is contrasted by a professional worked out concept and cover art.

and the whole thing here


Samstag, 23. Februar 2008

The Whole - November

The Whole is our Live Rock Band. We're playing sometimes together with Damo Suzuki ... But most of the time, we're a Classic - Rock Trio - Bass, Guitar & Drums.
Beside our live activities we met for three times at the Reuschberg and play in the chapel of the former monastery.

These are some recordings of our workshop in November 2005. At the one hand we have, our classic-free-form-rock, based deep into the roots of rock music, like "Crossroads" and "Ferryboat Bill" - and on the other hand there is this Reuschbergian Magic, you can hear in the more far - out tracks, like "Rainy Day", "O Weia O Inga" & "Obazda"
If you like our sound contact us and organise a concert with "The Whole" in your area.

get the the very upgraded thing here and here

Stolle & Member

Freitag, 8. Februar 2008


As we said, Collage is a P.T.E. - One Soundstream, with a lot of cuts, bits and pieces. I recorded the songs in 1996 on IV-Track heavily influenced by the work of Holger Czukay. I never really used a real sampler for these recordings, I used tapes, records, cds, mixing desk and effects, especially my magic blue delay, that gave the name for our famous origin in experimental music making "Lay de Fear". The only thing that cames near to a ordinary sampler was the Akai Riff-O-Matic, a guitar training sample toy.
In 2000 I made digital remix and remasters from the IV-Track Tapes and P.T.E.d these tracks to form the regular COLLAGE CD, you get below. Here now as pre-listening appetizers, some tunes from the records in the pure mixes, among them, my favourite track from the recordings: "UBIK City Blues".

Get the uncut tunes here

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2008


Now you're in for a special treat. Listen to Member's most ambitious solo-work, Collage. As the title says, it's a mindblowing trip through many different spaces, mostly made by sampling and mixing different music together. We got this thing going called PTE, Psychedelic Transfer Explosion, which we had developed together over the years. It's pretty important in our musicmaking, so let me drop some words about it. Ever since we got to know each other, we sent us mixtapes, and later recorded cd-compilations, with music to turn the other one on. Member trying to pull Stolle into his psychedelic view of things, he named one of these tapes Psychedelic Transfer to Another World, there he mixed up to four sound sources simultaneously together through his IV Track Recorder. So the name was born. Stolle being a professional DJ, he recorded his tapes and cds through a DJ-mixingdesk, and so the mixtapes soon became mash-up-style, totally experimental affairs, mixing several different kinds of music together, becoming a new thing with its own dynamics and style - the PTE. Soon we did a series of radio-shows together called midnight radio, doing 60-minute-PTEs just for fun. We often use PTEs for the mixing of our own music, Gojira, for example, is one long PTE done live by Stolle, and here on Collage Member followed that same path.

Get it here

Stolle & Member

Freitag, 1. Februar 2008


You are sitting at the fires of ohia, chanting om helos ra, sitars, double basses and analog synthesizers whirling through your mind. Dragons are rising up your spine, and then you see the light of the moon. No doubt, the Great Mystical Member has got you again.


stolle & member

Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Stolle & Member - Doppelalbum (2001) Re-Up

The follow up CD to "Elemente" was "Doppelalbum".For this one, we used the structure of a classical 70ies double LP, like for example Can's "Tago Mago" . On the first LP we had the more or less short songs, and the longer and more experimental pieces on the second record. We recorded the songs on 4-track in 3-5 days, but the mixing process endured over one year. Now, six years later, we think that the concept was too strong for the record. The experiment failed, but nevertheless there are some of our best compositions on this CD.

get it here

Stolle & Member

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008


This is Stolle's first solo effort. In 1999, insprired by the renewed partnership with Member and the tremendous work done with UBIK paint, he did a series of homerecordings put directly on his new cd-recorder. Very spontaneously done and raw stuff...

get the blues here


Welcome to Member's masterpiece! Never before, and never since, in my opinion, has he done such a fine record. It was 1997, Lay De Fear had just disbanded, and we were deep into Krautrock. So, inspired by the early works of Klaus Schulze, and exploring his new Analog Synths (Roland SH 2000, Roland RS 09, Korg MS 20), Member did this wonderful 4-Track-Recordings, remastered in 2003. Listen to his playfulness, the cosmic feel, the soundscapes, and fly away...

get it here


Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

Stolle & Member - Gojira (2002) Re Up

After the slightly overproduced "Doppelalbum", "GOJIRA" is a monstrous fast Lo-Fi Production. Spiritual - Native - Raw - Trash - Gorgeous. Stolle & Member paying Tribute to the japanese Filmmonster Gojira - Godzilla. P.T.E.'d to the german version of the movie "Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira" - "King Kong vs. Godzilla" - "Schlachtfest der Giganten" (Inoshiro Honda, 1962). You can hear the monster roar while Stolle & Member torture their instruments with cheap japanese digital effect processors.

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008


In fall 1999, after both of us had done some solo work, we came together at Member's new place to do some recording. This session, that turned out to be most part of our first proper record, will be eternally remembered as the fire sessions. Ever since playing with Lay de Fear, we focus deeply on the spiritual side of the musicmaking. Now, this time, we felt extremely spiritual. While doing a hell of a session, we got totally blown away. At some point Member remarked, that it's getting pretty smoky in here, which did not keep us from playing on. Then he realized that he could not see the recording unit anymore. Of course he couldn't. The whole room was filled with smoke, because the kitchen was burning. We got pretty nervous, but succeeded in stopping the fire quickly. So the piece we just recorded got its name. After that, it seemed that because of the smoke our master-cd was not working, which meant, the whole recording was lost. We are used to that: often it seems that the best music we make is not recorded. We tried to save the recording, but no way. Months later, Stolle took another try, put that magic cd in his player - and it worked. Thus hearing those legendary sessions for the first time, he instantly made a backup copy. Now we finally could finish our first record, almost one year after recording it.

Get the whole thing here

Stolle & Member

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008

The Whole & Damo Suzuki - Live in Offenbach 2007

The Whole is our Rock Band Project. A Classic Rock Trio -
Christian - drums
Stolle - guitar
Member - bass.
A pure live project.
This was the second concert with Damo Suzuki, the famous CAN singer in the early 70's.
We recorded the gig with 8-Tracks on laptop.
The first set started with Kluster, an electronic piece, with sampler, ms 20 and organ, after that we flew away with Strasse. The second set was just one long ecstatic piece we called Nebel.
On this evening, as you can see on the pictures, we were enlightend by the beautiful psychedelic lightshow of Kosmik Klaus.

get it here and here
Stolle & Member

EGOMANIA - FIRST 1993 - 95

This is my first record, my earliest home recordings, my first experiences with a IV-Track Tape Recorder.
The Recordings took place at a time when I was one of the masterminds of the experimental group LAY DE FEAR, spending our nights improvising in the great staircase.

get it here

Freitag, 4. Januar 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Member had troubles with his computer. We will resume posting now, add some more MIRG stuff, post some Egomania and Stolle solo stuff, and renew some broken older links also, so check the older posts. This year we expect to be a busy one. We plan to do several gigs with Damo Suzuki & The Whole, Member's Der Berg ruft - project will perform, Stolle has just started to record again at home, and many more things are planned. So stay tuned and keep smiling !
luv, stollllllllllle & member