Montag, 26. November 2007



Now we think it's time to introduce one of our most beloved projects, MIRG. This sweet and fragile thing was founded by former LAY DE FEAR partipiciants Steffi, Marcus, Stolle & Member in 1999. Since then MIRG has met just once or twice a year to create some of the most beautiful free impro music. In fact, we met just two weeks ago at the Reuschberg for a 5-day-workshop, which turned out to be most productive, as you can hear now.

To support the process of musicmaking, we decided to keep the recording process quite simple and worked with a MiniDisc-Recorder and one Stereo-Mic, which can easily be carried around to follow MIRG on their musical adventures. We'd like to start with three sessions, which we did in a row on one afternoon. First was

After having breakfast on saturday, 11-17-07, and doing some acoustic sessions right in the kitchen, we switched over to the socalled Blue Salon right next door to do this one. The Blue Salon is a strange mixture between a storage room, where you can find all kinds of kitchen stuff, and leisure room with video players, table soccer, toys for kids and so on. Because of a huge very old harmonium and a self-built, nearly as old home organ also standing there, we always like to do music in there, But mostly this room is just too filled with stuff. Not this time, so we recorded almost every session there.

So we started playing, and things went their way. You can hear Member on harmonium, Steffi on bass and Marcus on guitar and Stolle on the drumtracks. At this point Stolle started strolling through the room to look for some inspiration, and came over to a table full of kitchen supplies. Saw a box of Mondamin, a german starchflour product, showed it to the players and started singing what turned out to be some kind of Mondamin-Commercial.

We returned to the kitchen and relaxed. Marcus started painting, Stolle read Perry Rhodan, a german SF-Pulp-Series, Member read the new Eric Clapton-Autobiography and Steffi read in her book of Maroccan Short Stories dealing with cooking with onions, when she suddenly stopped reading, heading over to the Blue Salon and started singing ALLAHUH AKHBAR while playing bowed bass.

Soon the others joined in, Member is playing harmonium, Stolle plays an India Tambura-like Drone with distorted & delayed guitar and Marcus played his wonderful Glockenspiel. The spiritual praying mutated to a freaked out noise meditation - ALLAHUH AKHBAR became FREE TIBET and this thing here was born.

Usually, we regard MIRG as our project where we mainly do acoustic, meditative stuff, very sweet and fragile. Not this time. Maybe we listened too much to Jackie-O-Motherfucker in these days, be it as it may, this time we did lots of lofi-noise-drone-stuff, (or punk, as some of us might name it). This one is a good example for it. For the equipment-fanatics let me shortly describe you our electrnics-section: We had a korg-ms-20, a sequential circuits drumtraks drumcomputer, a casio sa-21 child-toy-keyboard , a toy- microphone, each of this sent individually through various effect devices, mixed through a 30-year-old (defect) 4-track-tape-recorder and as a PA we used a equally old and defect Karaoke-Station, which has been out of use for ten years or so till we found it at the loft. This is what we mean when we talk lo-fi.

So on this one you can hear Stolle on guitar, Steffi on bass, Marcus on drums and Member on keys until the noise took over everything so that some of us simply left the room. At the end, Stolle turned downed the volume a bit, took an acoustic guitar and sang Pale Blue Eyes close to the Mike, and right in the middle of this the recording stopped because the minidisc was full, but shit happens as we all know.

...and because we like MIRG very much and because Member is updating everything in 2014 you get now a very upgraded verion of this very special meeting. Much more Anteilnahme




Stolle & Member

Montag, 22. Oktober 2007


2006 als warm up eines MIRG - Workshops schnell und schmutzig in der Küche des Reuschbergs mit, durch und auf kaputtes Equipment aufgenommen, gespielt und erfahren. Eine der spontansten Stolle & Member Platten. Ein LoFi Trash Juwel.
2006, we did this one "fast and dirty", as a warm up to a MIRG - workshop in the kitchen of the Reuschberg. Recorded, played and expirienced with, through and on destroyed equipment . One of the most spontaneous Stolle & Member Records. A LoFi Trash Jewel.
Stolle & Member

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007


Ein 74-minütiger Nonstop-Rausch durch sphärische Soundscapes, LoFi-Country, Hardcore-EBM und Krautrock, Spaghetti-Western und Splatter-Ästhetik. Eine Platte wie ein Low Budget Film. Eine wacklige Handkamera zoomt heran ans schillernde Stolle & Member Universum.

A 74-minute nonstop trip through spherical soundscapes, LoFi-Country, Hardcore-EBM and Krautrock, Spaghetti-Western and splatter-aesthetics. A record like a low budget movie. A shaky hand-held camera zooming into the dazzling Stolle & Member Universe.

Stolle & Member
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Samstag, 20. Oktober 2007


Lange vor dem weltweiten Freak-Folk Boom nahmen Stolle & Member diese Platte auf. Acid Folk leicht elektrisch gewürzt. Mit Songs von Canned Heat, den Beatles und Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac.

Acid Folk Experience ist der akustische Zwilling von Electronic Universe.

Long before the world wide freak-folk boom, Stolle & Member record these tunes. Acid Folk slightly spiced with electronics. With songs of Canned Heat, the Beatles and Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac.
Acid Folk Experience is the acoustic twin of Electronic Universe.

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Stolle & Member


Dies ist die Computer Platte von Stolle & Member. Computer Mehrspuraufnahmen - Digitale Computer Effekte - Virtuelle Synthesizer. Die Eigenschaften von Stolle & Member übertragen in Nullen und Einsen. Ein Konzeptalbum über die Gefahren des digitalen Computer Zeitalters. Mit Cover Songs von Cream und den Beatles und Huldigungen an Hulk, Black Sabbath, Kraftwerk und NEU!
Electronic Universe ist der elektronische Zwilling von Acid Folk Experience.

This is the computer record of Stolle & Member. Computer Multitrack Recording - Digital Computer Effects - Virtual Synthesizers. The Qualities of Stolle & Member transformed into zeros and ones. A concept album about the dangers of the digital computer age. With cover songs of Cream & the Beatles and paying tributes to Hulk, Black Sabbath, Kraftwerk & NEU!
Electronic Universe is the electronic twin to Acid Folk Experience.

Stolle & Member

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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

EGOMANIA - Tribute To The Disconnected 2007

Im August dieses Jahres brachte die legendäre Krautrock Band FAUST gemeinsam mit NURSE WITH WOUND relativ unbemerkt ihre beste Platte seit ihrer Glanzzeit in den 70ern heraus. Die Platte heißt "Disconnected" und wäre ich nicht in der faust-mailing-list wäre diese Platte unbemerkt an mir vorbeigegangen. So aber hat mir Jean Hervé Peron, Bassist und Gründungsmitglied der Band, das Werk gleich nach Erscheinen zugeschickt und ich habe mich zügig bedankt und als dankeschön mit einer Tribute CD geantwortet.
"Tribute to the Disconnected" ist ein faustischer cut up durch die EGOMANIA Produktionen der letzten Monate, den Gesang übernimmt quasi Jean Hervé mittels Samples der Faust Platte.
Die Platte beginnt wild mit gefoltertem Drum Computer und verzerrten digitalen Sitarklängen und wird im Verlauf immer ruhiger.
Eine Reise vom Krach in die Stille. Darin ähnelt sie der Faust Platte, ansonsten ist sie musikalisch eine klassische EGOMANIA Platte.
EGOMANIA ist das Solo-Projekt von Member. Elektronische Mehrspur Spielereien zwischen Kraut-New Age-Techno & Trash.
Auf meine Art eine Verbeugung vor dem großartigen Schaffen der Band Faust.
Viel Spaß

In August this year the legendary krautrock band FAUST in Collaboraion with NURSE WITH WOUND released, relatively unnoticed, their best record since the 70ies. The record called "Disconnected" and if I wasn’t in the faust-mailing-list, I had not noticed, that there is a new FAUST record. But so Jean Hervé Peron, bass player and one of the founder members of the band, send me the record and I send him back, as a thank-you, a tribute CD.
"Tribute To The Diconnected" is a faustian cut up through the EGOMANIA productions of the last months, the vocal part of the songs is taken by Jean Hervé through samples of the FAUST record.
The record started wildly with tortured drum computer and distorted digital sitarsounds and becoms over the time more and more silent.
A Journey from noise into silence. In this case "Tribute To The Disconnected" is like Faust, but the music is typical EGOMANIA.
EGOMANIA is the solo project of MEMBER. Electronic Multitrack Games between Kraut-New Age-Techno & Trash.
It’s my kind of paying Tribute to the great work of the Band FAUST

The Whole Thing:

And four examples out of 8 Untitled Tracks:
#1 (a piece originally recorded for my friend Andi)

#3 (a piece from last year called "one")

#6 (originally made for a theatre piece, a mix between waltz and dub)

#7 (the newest piece, a beautiful electronic meditation)

Montag, 15. Oktober 2007


"Unsere zweite Zusammenarbeit mit WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS. Nachdem wir vor Kurzem einen Overdub zu ihrem Stück Galerienmusik machten, gaben wir ihnen einen basic track aus unserer unveröffentlichten 10 CD Box "THE REUSCHBERG SESSIONS" - Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 2003 zur Zeit unserer "REUSCHBERG" CD. Obwohl sich WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS schwer tun mit Overdubs... sie kriegen oft ihr eigenes Zeug nicht fertig, scheint es diesmal geflutscht und sie auch noch im Anschluß zu einem Faust Cover Song getrieben zu haben.
Wir sind begeistert über das Ergebnis, empfehlen jedem ihre Musik weiter und harren gespannt auf weitere Blüten dieser Kollaboration."

"So these strange German guys, Stolle & Member, took one of our tracks and overdubbed it (it's called "In The Gallery"). Then they sent us one of their basic tracks (from their 2003 Reuschberg album sessions) and suggested we do the same. So... here you go. Since the first half of S&M's 20 minute basic track was heavy on atmosphere, we kinda took over the proceedings. During the second half, S&M reigned supreme. Because it was a rainy day outside, we almost turned this into a cover of Faust's "It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl" but wisely decided against that. Although... we then unwisely went ahead and recorded an improvisational cover of the classic Faust song anyway. Since we're sort of hangin' around with Germans now we apparently think it's OK to do that sort of thing. Shelly predicts we won't sell a single copy. We're all inclined to agree. Our parts were recorded last week, October 7, 2007."

Stolle & Member

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Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2007

SESSIONS: Der Berg Groovt

Zwischendrin mal ganz was anderes...denn emptyblaukraut ist nicht nur das Duo "Stolle & Member"...
Hier besuchen wir Member in seinem großen & gemütlichen Wohnzimmer & Klanglabor am 22. September 2007. Meine Nachbarn haben sich eingefunden und wir machen Hausmusik. Wir leben hier in ehemaligen Ami Army Housings in einem alternativen Wohnprojekt am Frankfurter Berg. Hier leben viele unterschiedliche Künstler und andere Freaks. Eyke ist der Kern unseres Hausmusikprojekts Tautropfen. Connie spielt Gitarre in der Frauen Band The Slags, ist DJane als Lava 303 und hat mit Guru Guru Schlagzeuger Mannie Neumeier ein Projekt namens Lover 303. Dies war eine ganz wundervolle Session mit meinen wundervollen Nachbarn. Die Musik erinnert mich an Sergius Golowin, The Cosmic Jokers, Gila & frühe Popol Vuh.
And now for something completely different... something other than "Stolle & Member"...
We're visiting Member in his huge & comfortable living room & soundlab on september, the 22nd 2007. My neighbours are here and a session takes place. We're living here in former US Army Housings in a alternative living project on the "Frankfurter Berg". There are many different artists and other kind of freaks. Eyke is one of the masterminds of our house-music-project Tautropfen. Connie plays guitar in the all girl band The Slags, is a DJane as Lava 303 and plays with Guru Guru Drummer Mannie Neumeier as Lover 303. This was a wonderful session with my wonderful neighbours. The music reminds me on Sergius Golowin, The Cosmic Jokers, Gila & frühe Popol Vuh. Beautiful Cosmic Jammin' Music...
The musicians:
Eyke - guitar, djembe
Connie - synths, guitar, bass
Till - guitar, djembe, synth, vocals
Paul - djembe, vocals
Member - bass, vocals, synth

The Songs

and the whole thing here

Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2007

Stolle & Member - Live @ Salon Franco 6.10.2007

Und hier nun unsere kleine Auswahl an Stücken des Gigs im Salon Franco. Der Gig hat uns riesigen Spaß gemacht, und es ist sehr schade, daß dieser wundervolle Veranstaltungsort nun schließen muß.

And here they are...our brand new pieces from the gig @ Salon Franco. This gig was big fun, and we think it's too bad, that this wonderful place will be closed now.

Our blues tune played early this evening just to warm up ...
The ending of our first Set..."Into The Light" shows us catching up again after briefly falling into darkness in the piece before, we even managed to get the audience laughing, when we behaved like deeply emotional involved classical musicians during this one...

The beginning of the second set. A dynamical journey from silence to silence. Therefore the title "The Great Arc". Our kind-of- "Mogwai"-Piece...
Our closing piece. Coming straight out of an a capella-thing, closely related to "Die Kapelle" on our "Reuschberg" CD, and turning into a beautiful song to end of our performance...
In our opinion the real highlight of this evening...
Click arrow of any MP3 player...
Click song title or MP3 player....
Part 1
Part 2
Stolle & Member

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

Stolle & Member - Live

Wir hatten gestern einen superguten Gig in Frankfurt. Wir gehen jetzt die Aufnahmen durch und werden dann was davon posten !
Yesterday we had a hell of a gig in Frankfurt. We're just checking the recordings to post some later.
Stay tuned!
Stolle & Member

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007


Unsere Freunde von "WE’RE LATE FOR CLASS" haben sich freundlicherweise bereit erklärt, uns den basic track für dieses Stück zu liefern.
Wir stellten uns vor eine Vernissage zu besuchen
– und heraus kam das.
Our friends from "WE’RE LATE FOR CLASS" kindly delivered the basic track for this one.
We imagined us beeing at a vernissage and came up with our take on it.
Stolle & Member


Es ist ein sehr produktiver Abend geworden. Dies ist unser "Shoegazer"-Stück.
Wir präsentieren euch Teil 2 + 4.
(Teil 1 verbrachten wir damit die Maschinen anzuwerfen und ihnen solange gut zuzureden, bis sie von alleine weiterliefen. Teil 3 ist eine Serie katastrophaler Unfälle.)
Viel Spaß

It seems to be a very productive evening. This is our attempt in "shoegazing".
We proudly present Part 2 + 4 of a 40-minute-session.
(During Part 1 we started the machines and talked them into doing the dirty work, while Part 3 was a series of catastrophies.)
Stolle & Member

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007


In Vorbereitung auf unseren morgigen Gig im DaFranco in Frankfurt haben Stolle & Member sich in Members Klanglabor zusammengefunden und sich etwas warmgespielt. Unter anderem machten wir eine Session, während wir eine Velvet Underground Performance von 1966 anschauten. Hier also 18 Minuten Jammin' with the Underground! Viel Spaß und bis morgen!
Stolle & Member
Preparing for our gig tomorrow we met at Member's place to sort of get into the groove. There we did a session while watching a Velvet Underground performance from 1966. So here you got 18 minutes of us jamming with the underground! Enjoy, and see you tomorrow!
Stolle & Member

Montag, 1. Oktober 2007

What is emptyblaukraut?

Emptyblaukraut is just our own label for all the free improvising music projects where Stolle & Member are involved.

Stolle & Member are two guys from different towns - Karlruhe and Frankfurt/m.
We're making free improvised music together since 1993.

Stolle & Member as a duo is our central project, mostly studio performances...
Egomania is members solo project,
while Stolles fine and rare solo works, you find under Stolle ...

The Whole is our Rock Trio, with Christian on drums and sometimes Damo Suzuki (ex-CAN) on vocals, mostly a Live Act...

MIRG is our experimental, electroacoustic quartet with our friends Marcus and Steffi from our great past free Impro Experimental Project Lay De Fear. Mostly intimate music workshops for ourselves.

Lay De Fear was our strongly-telepathic-playing beginning of free impro music. It lasted from 1993 - 1996. The Core of the Band were Stolle, Member and Chris and sometimes up to 10 other people.

Under the name of emptyblaukraut comes the music of all of these projects and some others. We will jump in time and styles and projects.

But the Beginning of it all was a time journey through the music of Stolle & Member on our
myspace site and so we started with our old Stolle & Member stuff...



Der Reuschberg ist ein magischer Ort, hier lernten sich Stolle & Member kennen in dem frei improvisierenden Experimental-Projekt Lay De Fear.
Seit 1993 fahren wir jetzt regelmäßig auf den Reuschberg, um in diesem abgelegenen ehemaligen Kloster zu musizieren.
Während eines Sommerurlaubs auf dem Reuschberg entstand dieses Konzeptalbum, als Geschenk für die Besitzer dieses magischen Ortes als Dank für die jahrelange Zusammenarbeit und Unterstützung. Elektroakustische Meditation in fünf Teilen:


The Reuschberg is a magic place, here the musical journey of Stolle & Member started in the free improvising experimental project Lay De Fear. Since 1993 we come regulary to this place, to make music in this out of the way, former monastery.
During a summer holiday this concept album was made as a gift to the keepers of this place, as thanks for years of support and cooperation.
Electroacoustic Meditation in five pieces:


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