Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008

Damo Suzuki & The Whole Live @ Cellarium, Knittlingen 9.5.2008

Our third Gig with Damo Suzuki & The Whole. The Location was very beautiful, and for the second time we were enlightened by the wonderful lightshow of Kosmik Klaus & His Solar Sea Slide Show. We played a very powerful, loud and grooving show. Maybe our best gig with Damo yet...
This is Members first rough mix of the show, but we still like it. Recorded the same way we did it last time - 8 track laptop recording.

get it here and here

Stolle & Member

alternate link (megaupload)

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2008

MIRG - Freak Out! 2000

MIRG in the year 2000 was really special. The first time we worked outside Reuschberg at Stolles Home, and the first time we did multitrack recording with MIRG.
A creative overflow and beautiful recordings were the result and it still sounds good.It was the first great peak for MIRG...
2000 was a good year for us all. The beginning of emptyblaukraut - Stolle & Member - Elemente - Stolle - Blues - Egomania - Moon - The late UBIK paint and here it is: MIRG - Freak Out! 2000

Four prelistening examples:

and the whole thing:

and get a new bonus CD

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008

UBIK paint - A Collection of 2006 Remasters

UBIK paint was Stolle's Band at his hometown, working from 1996-2001. Meeting at least once a week, Martin, Stephan and Stolle recorded their stuff with an experimental approach, which did not prevent the occasional pop-song from emerging. Having three strong Singer/Songwriters and Multiinstrumentalists in one Band was not the worst thing either. They released 3 1/2 records, played a handful of gigs, and nothing happened. All participants agree that UBIK paint was the best band they ever had. For further information, check Stephan's page ubisonic.
After splitting, Stolle got the analogue 8-Track-Recorder and all of the Mastertapes, so that in 2006 he did a complete remastering of that stuff, of which you can hear a collection right here.

4 examples for your listening pleasure:

and the whole thing here

We Will Be Back Soon

Sometimes the Internet is just a small part in our life and there is no time left to upload our music on this blog. In the meantime Member did a gig with Der Berg Groovt on the "Gathering Of The Tribes" Festival in Frankfurt, while Steffi & Stolle made some very beautiful recordings at Stolles Place in Bruchhausen, then we did a meeting with MIRG for a week at the Akademie Reuschberg to celebrate Steffi's Birthday. After this we doin the job and live our hard lives. We listened to a lot of stuff from our vaults to keep it up here. The next thing we will present to you, it will be a shiny diamond - I promise. Oh and by the way, we re-upped the second part of Stolle & Member - Reuschberg ...
In the next days we play again with Damo Suzuki & The Whole at the Cellarium in Knittlingen on May, 9 and just six days later on May, 15 we doing our next Stolle & Member Gig at the Wort & KlangBildstelle Frankfurt. More Infos on our myspace site.
See you soon....