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Astrosound Sternenklangkonzert 2.8.1998

Chapter 4 of the Cosmic Tale of Astrosound.
This is the whole concert on Marcus' (Lay De Fear, MIRG) Birthday Party in 1998. It was an outstanding concert. Still we got our structures from the "Kosmische Schaltung"-Phase, but this time we were going wild again and expand the improvisation space, Space, Space, it's ASTROSOUND.
After that we changed our name, because Heiko was unhappy with the esoteric feel of "Astrosound" and we called us "Projekt 7" and after that a lots of others I can't remember now... "Space Modul" was one of these names that lastet a little bit longer. Months later I slowly get bored of the dance and party culture, worked with Stolle again and in 2000 i quit this thing. Sure we all stayed friends and from time to time I made sessions with Heiko and with Thomas I started the Project "Amphibius" (more about Amphibius soon on emptyblaukraut). Nowadays ASTROSOUND is history and in the last months we all thaught about a reunion concert maybe around next year.
I think with these four posts you get a very good impression what ASTROSOUND was.
Space Space Space Space Space it's ASTROSOUND!
Enjoy this Bomb  of Sound!


Astrosound Kosmische Schaltungen 1997 - 1998

Chapter 3 of the Amazing Astrosound Story.
Some Months later we are just a duo and developped our "Kosmische Schaltung". This was our new system or equipment setting. Everything is connectet and everyone played everything. We got a lot more of great synths, analog sequencers and drumcomputers by that time and our music is more groovy, melodic and mininmal, but still it's cosmic music, space you know, Space, Space, Space ... it's ASTROSOUND.
The Track "Cosmic Wings is one of the first recordings of the "Kosmische Schaltung" a tape side long session and almost some kind of ballad. After these early sessions we were working on structures, that we can use for live improvisations. "Dream of the raising fish" is the one of them I Liked most in these days. You can compare the studio version to the live version. And there is another live version called "Kosmische Phase". Both Live Versions were recorded at Weisskirchen Sessions I think.

Get Kosmisch!


Dienstag, 17. November 2009

Astrosound - 1. Weiskirchener Elektronik Tage 1997

Capter 2 of Astrosound.
Our second concert on the "1. Weisskirchener Elektronik Tage" The Weisskirchen Electronic Scene was centerd around Elektrasmus (Holger aka Zarkov & Uwe aka Yapacc), mostly shared with Guba and Astrosound. It found a home at Uwes place at this time, the house of his grandmother, i believe... We met there once in a week and doin live sessions in the cellar and invited some friends and once in the year we clebrated it in a great festival - The "Weisskirchener Elektronik Tage". It was the coolest and best hidden secret of the frankfurt techno scene in the 90s, öchem....
So this was the start of the Weisskirchen scene for me and Astrosound and the last concert with our guitar player Thomas. We decided to get more electronic and play more on Techno Parties and Raves. A drug influenced scene in that time and Thomas, the most psychedelic guitar player I knew, didn't like drugs and smoke-filled places and so we decided to go on as a duo, not that we were a drughead band, Heikos drug is the Lord and we were praying before we started playing. So you don't need drugs to be psychedelic and mind expanded. It was a spiritual sound search in endless space. Space. Space. you know... it's ASTROSOUND.
But back to this evening. I got a new synth - korg ms 20 and made strange things with turntables and heiko got a new old drumcomputer casio rz 1, which was a lot better in use for our type of music. So here we are a lot more groovy, but our space is huge and neverending.
A Psychedelic Mind Trip!
You can take it here.

Luv Member

Astrosound - Tell Me Something About Art 1997

Another Chapter in emptyblaukraut history. We're coming now to the wonderous story about Astrosound. For Member the Lay De Fear Experience lead to the beginning interrest in electronic music. In the days after Lay De Fear I wanted to play electronic music. By that time Air Liquide and similar artists have a deep impact on me. Live Techno Acts who made very spontaneous and improvised, psychedelic, wild, free form techno, or electronic groove music, call it as you will techno, acid, house, dub, trance, breakbeat it's all techno music. I made music on computer before, but I didn't like it. It wasn't spontaneous, it wasn't free. You had to use old analog synths, sequencers and drum computers to do real live programming. So in the beginning of 1997 I bought my first analog synth, a roland sh 2000, met some friends with the same approach and we founded the live electronic project Astrosound.
In the Beginning Astrosound were three people Thomas on guitar with thousands of effect units, Heiko on synths and drumcomputer and Member on synths and bass played through a bass-synthesizer unit. We weren't so rhythm orientatet, our aproach in music was space, the farest space an imagination can reach. When I listen to the early Astrosound today it reminds me more on bands like Hawkwind then electronic groove music. We had no real sequencers and our first drumcomputer was real shit, was the same one Lay De Fear had. But wow we were spacey, wow, Space, Space, Space, Sound ... we call it ASTROSOUND.
This is the first Astrosound Live Experience at the Kommunikationsfabrik in Frankfurt.
(Funny Thing: I play again this Friday at the Kommunikationsfabrik for the first time since 1997 and again with free electronic groove music, this time with Lover 303 (= Conni Maly (Lava 303) and Manni Neumeier (Guru Guru) More about this here.)
We played at an Exhibition. The Artist, a sculptor, made art out of scrap. The Exhibition was in a huge white room. In the middle of the room was a labyrinth with the sculptures in it and in a corner of the room was our place, but the moste place in this big room was empty space, space - you know.... It was a great experience to play here our first concert. On some tracks Uwe from Electrasmus jammed with us and it was a beginning for a new scene and stories and music to come, but more in the next chapter.
First Enjoy this and that.


Egomania - Planet Ego Drone Orchestra 2003

Hello again, this time I will introduce to you "Planet Ego Drone Orchestra", an Egomania Record from 2003. I made the first piece called "I Am Flying" in July 2003 and was excited about it. Next thing was, listening again to "Om Helos Ra". This track is one of my personal all time favourites. An excerpt of it was on my record "Moon" from 2000. I made a new mix of the whole piece and after that, I was looking for another long drone thing to complete the CD, I found the 2002 track "Planet Ego Drone Orchestra" perfect title for the whole thing and so here it is.
All of this done live and spontaneously out of the moment. And still I love it to listen to these tracks. Timeless space journeys.
Very recommended!

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