Samstag, 30. August 2008

Der Berg Groovt

Member runs a new blog presenting the wonderful music of Der Berg Groovt, his neighbourhood free music collective. Some time ago, last year, we post the very first session of this project, you may have a look here to remember. The blog is written in german language and in the future it will be written by all different members of the project... telling the adventures of this Hippie-like Community. You will find this blog here.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

Stolle & Member - When The Machines Rock 2008

Hello Friends,
here we go again! Having met at Stolle's place in July, we recorded several hours worth of new material, and after our track WELLEN, which you can find on the EMBRYO THOUGHTS - Sampler by HLFP 02, we would like to give to you the next piece culled from these sessions.
This one is a 50-minute-impro which occasionally turned into a cover of an old Lay De Fear- Tune called WHEN THE MACHINES ROCK.
For those of you who like to check it out first, here's a single edit and an excerpt of the original Lay De Fear Version:

Get the whole thing

Embryonic machine 10:32

Birth Of The Machine 9:11
Wake Of The Machine (mixed & edit) 12:59
When The Machines Rock (mixed & edit) 15:20

Stay tuned for upcoming stuff, and enjoy!
Stolle & Member

Dienstag, 19. August 2008

HLFP 02 - Embryo Thoughts

This is the second Compilation from homemade lofi psychedelic. The Concept for this Compilation was, that every artist recorded a song exclusively for that compilation. The Call arrived to us just as Member arrived at home after the Stolle & Member recording workshop, so it was easy for us to choose one new track that fits perfect into this compilation. Member did a mix of one track called "Wellen", that we recorded on two different sources, CD & MD, mix it together and cut it down to the recommended length of 10 minutes and send it to Mike, the contributor of homemade lofi psychedelic, and then Members Computer crushed down, because the motherboard was damaged...

Now everything is fixed again all the data was saved and we're back again to please you with emptyblaukraut music starting with this compilation....
You can get it here on

homemade lofi psychedelic

The first Compilation, HLFP 01 - Relax And Float Downstream, contains also an emptyblaukraut track, in this case an Egomania Track taken from the album MOON


stolle & member

In The Meantime

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last weeks, again Member got some problems with his computer on the other hand we were very busy....
Stolle & Member did a recording workshop in Stolles "blaukraut microstudio" we will posting soon some tracks.... A first snippet can be heared on the "HLFP 02" Compilation....

...and then Member did a collaboration with the brazilian keyboarder
Gustavo Jobim, for his CD "Belles Alliances" the collaboration companion to his new solo recording "Abstract Paintings". These two CDs will be released on September 1st as a free download internet release, so be prepared for that....
all the best

Stolle & Member