Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008

Egomania - Darkness 2002

Egomanias deep dig into dark ambient. 2002 was a dark year in Members Life. His father died, his girlfriend left. This record is his retrospective view to the year 2002. Recorded in December 2002. The first recordings with his 8-Track tape machine. He tuned his E-Bass down to C and played it with a bow, added spoken blues samples and spheric computersounds. Mixed forwards and backwards and then compiled for your drowning pleasure in 2003. Gaze into the abyss with member.

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Stolle - Wood Songs 2004

After finishing his LAST - album, Stolle took things literally and stopped recording as an Solo-Artist. In 2004, however he started recording again, this time featuring just his voice, his acoustic guitar (and ...errrr... a telephone), and mostly doing covers of stuff he found influential on him or that was requested by his friends (Member, for example, requested Radioaktivität). Thus returning to his roots as the semiprofessional campfire-musician he was in his teens, the result was pretty cool. A beautiful cover was made by Jürgen, - and nothing happened.
But then, last week, Jürgen came to the bar where Stolle works, had some Single Malt Whiskys, and so it came to pass that finally we have another Stolle record - the one after the last one. Never say never, they say...
Get three songs here:


get the one after the last one here

luv, stolllllllle

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Egomania - Planet Pop 2001

Planet Pop is Members LoFi Disco Trash Song Record. Recorded with a damaged IV-Track Tape Recorder, cheap Toy Keyboard Beats and cheap japanese digital guitar multieffects. The songs are telling the story of the spaceship "ULRICH" and the discovery of the legendary planet "POP V" far out in space and time.....

Planet Pop


Samstag, 14. Juni 2008

Stolle - Last 2002

in 2001, stolle got increasingly dissatisfied with his project UBIK paint, which he finally left. Also, a relationship to a girl ended in a very heartbreaking way. this record is the result of a creative eruption to overcome these things. The title being almost prophetic, this is stolle's last solo record until now, and he considers it as his best, also.

Check out 3 songs:


get the last stolle record here

luv, stolllllllle

Montag, 2. Juni 2008

Stolle & Member - Live @ Wort & KlangBildstelle, Frankfurt/M 15.5.2008

Our Heroes performing live again. Once more, it was a very relaxed thing, everything went smoothly, and you can hear Finn, the bass player of the support act, who joined us on bass spontaneously and, in the last track Tor Löwenherz, an old friend of Member, who also played bass in our closing track - a 3 Bass-Player Performance . Because of the place, which had several design-ateliers in the neighborhood, we named the tracks after famous designers. After the gig, the listeners asked as about the story Member improvised in "Colani", so in case you want to know, we'll put the text in the comments. 

get it here
Stolle & Member