Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008


In 2000, Stolle got some presents: first was a child's toy keyboard, and second was an old four track cassette-recorder. with the help of Member and Stephan from UBIK paint, this album was made. the lofi-approach of the music is contrasted by a professional worked out concept and cover art.

and the whole thing here


Samstag, 23. Februar 2008

The Whole - November

The Whole is our Live Rock Band. We're playing sometimes together with Damo Suzuki ... But most of the time, we're a Classic - Rock Trio - Bass, Guitar & Drums.
Beside our live activities we met for three times at the Reuschberg and play in the chapel of the former monastery.

These are some recordings of our workshop in November 2005. At the one hand we have, our classic-free-form-rock, based deep into the roots of rock music, like "Crossroads" and "Ferryboat Bill" - and on the other hand there is this Reuschbergian Magic, you can hear in the more far - out tracks, like "Rainy Day", "O Weia O Inga" & "Obazda"
If you like our sound contact us and organise a concert with "The Whole" in your area.

get the the very upgraded thing here and here

Stolle & Member

Freitag, 8. Februar 2008


As we said, Collage is a P.T.E. - One Soundstream, with a lot of cuts, bits and pieces. I recorded the songs in 1996 on IV-Track heavily influenced by the work of Holger Czukay. I never really used a real sampler for these recordings, I used tapes, records, cds, mixing desk and effects, especially my magic blue delay, that gave the name for our famous origin in experimental music making "Lay de Fear". The only thing that cames near to a ordinary sampler was the Akai Riff-O-Matic, a guitar training sample toy.
In 2000 I made digital remix and remasters from the IV-Track Tapes and P.T.E.d these tracks to form the regular COLLAGE CD, you get below. Here now as pre-listening appetizers, some tunes from the records in the pure mixes, among them, my favourite track from the recordings: "UBIK City Blues".

Get the uncut tunes here

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2008


Now you're in for a special treat. Listen to Member's most ambitious solo-work, Collage. As the title says, it's a mindblowing trip through many different spaces, mostly made by sampling and mixing different music together. We got this thing going called PTE, Psychedelic Transfer Explosion, which we had developed together over the years. It's pretty important in our musicmaking, so let me drop some words about it. Ever since we got to know each other, we sent us mixtapes, and later recorded cd-compilations, with music to turn the other one on. Member trying to pull Stolle into his psychedelic view of things, he named one of these tapes Psychedelic Transfer to Another World, there he mixed up to four sound sources simultaneously together through his IV Track Recorder. So the name was born. Stolle being a professional DJ, he recorded his tapes and cds through a DJ-mixingdesk, and so the mixtapes soon became mash-up-style, totally experimental affairs, mixing several different kinds of music together, becoming a new thing with its own dynamics and style - the PTE. Soon we did a series of radio-shows together called midnight radio, doing 60-minute-PTEs just for fun. We often use PTEs for the mixing of our own music, Gojira, for example, is one long PTE done live by Stolle, and here on Collage Member followed that same path.

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Stolle & Member

Freitag, 1. Februar 2008


You are sitting at the fires of ohia, chanting om helos ra, sitars, double basses and analog synthesizers whirling through your mind. Dragons are rising up your spine, and then you see the light of the moon. No doubt, the Great Mystical Member has got you again.


stolle & member