Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

The Lay De Fear Tapes 1993 - 95

This is something really, really special. In 2001, a friend asked for a Lay de Fear-CD to put it on his page, muzik23. So Stolle made this wonderful P.T.E., a wild cut-up Journey through our tapes from 1993 - 1995, but then we unfortunately could not release it, and this wonderful CD got almost forgotten. However, now some time has passed, and so decided to try one more time to release this outstanding piece of art, before it gets lost....
This is a wild Journey to our early beginninings: free improvised music... Industrial, Krautrock, Ethno Fakes and Tape Collages, Tarot Sessions and Schlager Trash, - the BIG BANG of the Stolle & Member - thing !!!!

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Montag, 1. Juni 2009

Stolle & Member - Blicken Zurück 2003

Stolle & Member are looking back on 10 years of combining their creative powers. This was the motto for this compilation out of the year 2003. Some tracks from the previously released records "Elemente", "Doppelalbum" & "Gojira", Lay De Fears Live Recording "Im Zentrum Des Lichts", one MIRG track from Steffis Birthday Party in 2000, a track off of a release from our "Räume" - Series, (more about the "Räume" - series coming soon), one track out of the "Numbers" period and some unreleased tracks compiled by Stolle in 2003

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