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Lay De Fear - Im Zentrum Des Lichts 1994

In the beginning of our constantly changing universe there was a strange experimental free impro group called LAY DE FEAR. Stolle Fear, Member Fear and Chris Fear founded this group in february 1993.

The music of LAY DE FEAR took place in a former monastery, the theatre "Akademie Reuschberg".

We used to meet just three times a year for long trip out weekends. Additional to the three founders, there sometimes were 15 people around who shared our musical vision, among them Steffi and Marcus and many others.

In autumn 1993 we did our first live gig to support Damo Suzuki at the Asta Fest, FH Frankfurt.

Our influences were groups like CAN, Velvet Underground and Nine Inch Nails. The Music happened very spontaneous, out of the moment we were doing it, and oscillated between industrial, toy-keyboard-avantgarde-schlager, meditation, nonsense and free kraut rock textures.

Although after four years the project fell apart in 1996, it had a deep impact on us, it truly can be said that this experience changed our lives. Stolle & Member continued this trip as a duo and since then devotedly built this constantly changing universe until now, and promise to
walk that road further on and on and on.....

This, now, is a look in our best gig ever, at the ZENTRUM Offenbach on April the 30th 1994.

This post was inspired by homemade lofi psych, who posted a dedication to Lay De Fear, a live track from the band Orange.

Im Zentrum Des Lichts

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Thank For Your Music!

Soy de Chile, Sur america, que buena música redactan en sus composiciones e improvisaciones en vivo, estan de lujo!, creo que he escuchado varias veces ya , su album con damo, y me mantienen levitando casi eternamente, jojojo! Gracias viejos y siguan con toda la buena vibra hacia adelante, espero podamos estar en contacto.

Intercambiamos link?

el mio es

y :

El myspace es de la banda donde yo participo, haber si en una de esas les agrada la música, Chao y gracias otra ves!