Montag, 12. Januar 2009

Damo Suzuki & The Whole live 12-9-08

So here we go! What you get here is our latest gig with Damo. It was another wonderful occasion for us to throw our improvised jams at the former Can-Singer to take them and shout it out to the world. Damo was in a quite melodic mood this evening, and we were on fire, supported by Matthias on guitar, who gave our music a nice new colour. We recorded this on laptop and got a quite descent sound.


1. Soundcheck 01 2:40
2. Soundcheck 02 6:47

1. Set

3. Und So Beginnt Es 29:20
4. New Ways Again 15:46

2. Set

5. Damo Dub 34:56
6. On The Run 14:30
7. Funky Doors 12:12

8. Zugabe: Cocaine 26:52

Get The Whole Thing Here and Here!

We Are Coming Back With You Know What

Happy New Year To You All....
Here We Are Again...
One Month ago since our last gig with Damo Suzuki & The Whole. In the meantime I had another freaky concert with my neighbourhood collective "Der Berg Groovt" on January the third, also with them, I had a wonderful New Years Eve Session and we build our new Studio and I integrated my equipment there and turned my bedroom into a space lab, in october I started a new job to earn my living and working with kids again. Now It's time to continue with our blog....
At first we will post our last gig with Damo. Here is a download link to some pictures of this magic evening.
2008 was heavy productive and all here is just the top of the Eisberg.
There is a lot of outstanding unreleased material from the last Stolle & Member Sessions.
There was an incredible meeting with MIRG.
A beautiful Steffi & Stolle Session...
... and I listened to some crazy old stuff like Lay De Fear and Astrosound.
So stay tuned and have always an eye on emptyblaukraut....