Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Astrosound - Live @ Members Birthday Party 12.6.2011

Space, Far Out Space... Out there, beyond space and time....Captain Member speaking...Earth, can you here me...We're trapped in a Sound-Worm....Time is endless...there are dancers in the is pounding.... pulsing pulsing.....calm down now, mellow in mellow out...but the dancers are dancing to a land far a thunderstorm of sound, a storm of swords cuts loose....
Astrosound played Live....
played as a quartet with Stolle as the fourth man....
Listen to this, earth, you have to listen to this orgy of sound, the unbelievable Live Concert of Astrosound.

You will find it here and here.



Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

MIRG - NORD 2010

Time to hear again from one of our most beloved Projects, the sweet and fragile thing called MIRG! This time we met in the north, at Steffis home, the Woldhof near Oldenburg, a beautiful place in the flat north of germany. We recorded these tunes in Autumn 2010. And once again we made our electroacoustic magic and transcendent the very moment.
So here it is a small compilation of our last meeting with MIRG.

Auswahl 1

1 Regen 10:26
2 Mogwai Stück 9:42
3 Mondverschwörung 12:24
4 Juri Gagarin 14:10
5 Kyber Schamanen 9:13
6 Der Blues 9:31
7 Reise Durch Den Radiokopf 13:15

Auswahl 2

1 Toki 12:16
2 Herbst 5:24
3 MIRG Ist Matt 5:26
4 Schmerzen 9:03
5 Avantgarde Workshop 3:57
6 I Move My Feet To The Beat 6:34
7 Die Weisheiten Des Buddha 27:29
8 Ukulele 7:11

get it here and here
and enjoy the spirit of MIRG!


Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

ASTROSOUND Live 12.6.2011

SPACE - Time Again. Legendary Electronic Space Project ASTROSOUND will perform live for the first time since the 90's.

Thomas - space guitar & space vocals
Heiko - space electronics, space vocals
Member - space electronics, space bass, space vocals

If you love space and you are in germany on June 12th, don't miss this.

ProZwo Bar
Prämäckerweg 8
60433 Frankfurt
Start: 21:30.