Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

Stolle & Member - Low On Battery (2009)

From some kind of view we were low on battery in 2009. Stolle & Member didn't work much as a duo in the last year. So here are the collected Stolle & Member Recordings from 2009.

Track 1 - Low on Battery (Sister Ray) was a telephone session in october, there we try to record some Sister Ray Session via phone, but Stolles Recording Unit was low on battery and so I took over to save a part of it. A great VU Cover lofi acoustic adventure.

The other two tracks are recordings from the last two MIRG meetings. Its some kind of tradition in the last years, that Stolle & Member come a bit earlier and stay a bit longer on MIRG meetings, so we can glide perfectly in and out of the process. Sometimes we made some Stolle & Member in these times, for excample LIVE AUS DER KÜCHE DES REUSCHBERGS happened like this.

Track 2 - Drop Out was a real Stolle & Member freak out on the "Über der Schmiede" Workshop in October 2008. Member played far out noise organ and structure master Stolle played bass and sang.... We chased the two others out of the room with this ecstatic piece.

Track 3 - Hell Bent For Leather was the Stolle & Member Farewell Piece on the last MIRG Workshop. A very cosmic experience with traces of Heavy Metal.

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