Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Stolle & Member - Doppelalbum (2001) Re-Up

The follow up CD to "Elemente" was "Doppelalbum".For this one, we used the structure of a classical 70ies double LP, like for example Can's "Tago Mago" . On the first LP we had the more or less short songs, and the longer and more experimental pieces on the second record. We recorded the songs on 4-track in 3-5 days, but the mixing process endured over one year. Now, six years later, we think that the concept was too strong for the record. The experiment failed, but nevertheless there are some of our best compositions on this CD.

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Stolle & Member

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008


This is Stolle's first solo effort. In 1999, insprired by the renewed partnership with Member and the tremendous work done with UBIK paint, he did a series of homerecordings put directly on his new cd-recorder. Very spontaneously done and raw stuff...

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Welcome to Member's masterpiece! Never before, and never since, in my opinion, has he done such a fine record. It was 1997, Lay De Fear had just disbanded, and we were deep into Krautrock. So, inspired by the early works of Klaus Schulze, and exploring his new Analog Synths (Roland SH 2000, Roland RS 09, Korg MS 20), Member did this wonderful 4-Track-Recordings, remastered in 2003. Listen to his playfulness, the cosmic feel, the soundscapes, and fly away...

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Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

Stolle & Member - Gojira (2002) Re Up

After the slightly overproduced "Doppelalbum", "GOJIRA" is a monstrous fast Lo-Fi Production. Spiritual - Native - Raw - Trash - Gorgeous. Stolle & Member paying Tribute to the japanese Filmmonster Gojira - Godzilla. P.T.E.'d to the german version of the movie "Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira" - "King Kong vs. Godzilla" - "Schlachtfest der Giganten" (Inoshiro Honda, 1962). You can hear the monster roar while Stolle & Member torture their instruments with cheap japanese digital effect processors.

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008


In fall 1999, after both of us had done some solo work, we came together at Member's new place to do some recording. This session, that turned out to be most part of our first proper record, will be eternally remembered as the fire sessions. Ever since playing with Lay de Fear, we focus deeply on the spiritual side of the musicmaking. Now, this time, we felt extremely spiritual. While doing a hell of a session, we got totally blown away. At some point Member remarked, that it's getting pretty smoky in here, which did not keep us from playing on. Then he realized that he could not see the recording unit anymore. Of course he couldn't. The whole room was filled with smoke, because the kitchen was burning. We got pretty nervous, but succeeded in stopping the fire quickly. So the piece we just recorded got its name. After that, it seemed that because of the smoke our master-cd was not working, which meant, the whole recording was lost. We are used to that: often it seems that the best music we make is not recorded. We tried to save the recording, but no way. Months later, Stolle took another try, put that magic cd in his player - and it worked. Thus hearing those legendary sessions for the first time, he instantly made a backup copy. Now we finally could finish our first record, almost one year after recording it.

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Stolle & Member

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008

The Whole & Damo Suzuki - Live in Offenbach 2007

The Whole is our Rock Band Project. A Classic Rock Trio -
Christian - drums
Stolle - guitar
Member - bass.
A pure live project.
This was the second concert with Damo Suzuki, the famous CAN singer in the early 70's.
We recorded the gig with 8-Tracks on laptop.
The first set started with Kluster, an electronic piece, with sampler, ms 20 and organ, after that we flew away with Strasse. The second set was just one long ecstatic piece we called Nebel.
On this evening, as you can see on the pictures, we were enlightend by the beautiful psychedelic lightshow of Kosmik Klaus.

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Stolle & Member

EGOMANIA - FIRST 1993 - 95

This is my first record, my earliest home recordings, my first experiences with a IV-Track Tape Recorder.
The Recordings took place at a time when I was one of the masterminds of the experimental group LAY DE FEAR, spending our nights improvising in the great staircase.

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Freitag, 4. Januar 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Member had troubles with his computer. We will resume posting now, add some more MIRG stuff, post some Egomania and Stolle solo stuff, and renew some broken older links also, so check the older posts. This year we expect to be a busy one. We plan to do several gigs with Damo Suzuki & The Whole, Member's Der Berg ruft - project will perform, Stolle has just started to record again at home, and many more things are planned. So stay tuned and keep smiling !
luv, stollllllllllle & member