Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008


In fall 1999, after both of us had done some solo work, we came together at Member's new place to do some recording. This session, that turned out to be most part of our first proper record, will be eternally remembered as the fire sessions. Ever since playing with Lay de Fear, we focus deeply on the spiritual side of the musicmaking. Now, this time, we felt extremely spiritual. While doing a hell of a session, we got totally blown away. At some point Member remarked, that it's getting pretty smoky in here, which did not keep us from playing on. Then he realized that he could not see the recording unit anymore. Of course he couldn't. The whole room was filled with smoke, because the kitchen was burning. We got pretty nervous, but succeeded in stopping the fire quickly. So the piece we just recorded got its name. After that, it seemed that because of the smoke our master-cd was not working, which meant, the whole recording was lost. We are used to that: often it seems that the best music we make is not recorded. We tried to save the recording, but no way. Months later, Stolle took another try, put that magic cd in his player - and it worked. Thus hearing those legendary sessions for the first time, he instantly made a backup copy. Now we finally could finish our first record, almost one year after recording it.

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Stolle & Member

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