Samstag, 4. September 2010

Astrosound - Welcome Back In Space 2010

We did it! ASTROSOUND Reunion!
Space, you know, Space Space Space ... remember...
For the first time we met and played together in the original Astrosound formation - Thomas - space guitar & space vocals, Heiko - space elctronics, space guitar & space vocals & Member - space electronics, space bass & space vocals... and what did we do together? Yeah, right we make space music... Space Space Space Sound, it's Astrosound.
It was like nothing had happened in the least twelve years. There was this big and neverending spaced out soundworm, that threw you out of the window into the farest galaxy there no man has been before. A Cosmic Journey through time and space. Cosmic Music like it was, is and will be...

This is our first rehearsal, we will do some more and then we will make some concerts, time will tell.

So jump into the newest chapter of Astrosound and capture this cosmic journey in two parts.

Here It Is:

Part 1

Part 2



Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Stolle & Member - P.U.P. (Permanent Update Process) Edition #1

Dear listeners, today we start a series of brandnew Stolle & Member recordings. We will beginn slowly and it will take its time until you will hear its full scale.
During our recent sessions, we decided to push our musicmaking to a new level, and so we invented Permanent Update Process (P.U.P.), a new way of recording, editing and releasing music. We thought that it is high time to let some innovation into this, after all we consider us avantgarde,hehe. So after you have a look at our very trashy youtube video, you can listen to these first mp3 recordings, that we made by the way. This is some outtake material, first takes, basic tracks - untouched mp3 Quality. We also did an album's worth of multitrack stuff, which we intend to release in the future, while the process of editing and mixing is still going on.

Have fun & enjoy


Stolle & Member