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Stolle & Member - Numbers (myspace - edits) (1998)

Some time ago we made a little journey through the origins of our constantly changing universe by presenting the legendary "numbers" tracks on our myspace page in edits. Here are the myspace blog entries around numbers:

Stolle & Member - "NUMBERS" on myspace (27.7. - 17.8.2007)


After "Lay De Fear" fell apart in 1996, everyone went separate ways..

Chris went on doing acting workshops at the Reuschberg, hangin' around in the dark wave scene and lost contact to Stolle & Member. Stolle lived his live in Karlsruhe in the southwest of Germany, worked as a DJ and played in his band "UBIK paint". Member lived in Frankfurt played in the Crossover band "Tinnitus Mask" and in the live-electronic-project "Astrosound".

But soon Stolle & Member started an intensive exchange of letters and music. The LAY DE FEAR-experience had to be worked out, wounds had to heal, and time had to pass to get the right perspective. So they paid visits from time to time, and after two years Stolle & Member carefully began to make music together again.

This early identification phase extended over the year 1998. All developed pieces were numbered and this is why this period is called "Numbers".

1 & 2 were experimental electroacoustic pieces. Stolle & Member iniatially were not very content with the results, and so they restricted themselves in just playing two acoustic guitars, because like Holger Czukay said- restriction is the mother of the inventive play. With exception of the pieces of 20 - 23 and evenly 1 & 2 are thus all pieces of the "Numbers" series are played using just acoustic guitars. We proudly present now, in rapid consequence, edited versions of all "Numbers" pieces from 1 - 26.


In the second part of our "Numbers" series comes the first highlight: 8 (eight) - a tribute to the music of "The Tiger Lillies". Member sings the heartbreaking love song about eight, the girl who has been too long with the seven boys. The song is totally free improvised and a perfect example for "Stolle & Member" Songs come out of nothingness and shine....
This was that same old magic we experienced while playing with Lay De Fear, and it finally reassured us to continue to walk that path leading through our ever-changing universe.


Here's the third part of our "Numbers" Series.

9 is called "Nine Days in Hell" is a blues/gospel type of song. Stolle plays stand up bass and sings the happy lamentation.

10 is called "Zen" and a Zen way to get in our kind of music.

11 is called "Elfquest" and our meditative tribute to the comics of Richard and Wendy Pini.

12 (Twelve). Stolle sings slightly ecstatic in this wild and beautiful song.


13 is called "3Zen" and our interpretation of the japanese folk song "kojo no tsuki" turning into a moody and wild balkan-gypsy style. One of the best tunes in the "Numbers" series.

14 is called "Quatorce" and its our beautyful meditation about la france

15 in the original length of 23 minutes you can find really everything we tried to achieve in the "Numbers" series. In this edit you just hear the song conclusion...and it's still a highlight.

In 16 we were just a bit of lazy, doin this again and so you can hear stolle playing a little bit of "a chien d'espace" by motorpsycho, while member is "bongsmoking"...


Before we come to an end with the "Numbers" series, we get electric again in the numbers 20 –23.

20 is called "20 Umbrellas" and as you see, the experiences of the acoustic phase are now integrated in our electronic setting.

21 is called 21 "Secrets" and turned to be a typical Stolle & Member Song.

22 is a slow drone groove.

23 is a remix of a remix. Stolle did an experimental solopiece with distorted guitars & vocals called 23. Member did a techno remix of this piece and then Stolle & Member used this remixed piece as a basic for the last electronic session in the "Numbers" series.


Our "numbers series comes to an end. you can listen to the last acoustic adventures of stolle and members.

19 starts as a percussion thing

24 is a beautyful acoustic tune after the electric experiences of 20 - 23.

25 is called I don't need you. it's a kind of punk thing.

26 is called "Nobody needs 26", and after that we consequently stopped the series, started to develop our electro-acoustic recording setting, and began the sessions that led to the fire experience and the "Elemente" CD, the first proper record of stolle & member.

The myspace edits are lost, now you get the 320 rated versions in 5 parts.

Numbers 1
Numbers 2
Numbers 3
Numbers 4
Numbers 5


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