Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009


This is A Compilation of Music we did in 2008 & 2009. Some of the tracks you might know from previous posts, while others are unreleased until now.
"CD 1" shows some new tracks of Egomania, Members Solo Project, some pieces of "Der Berg Groovt", Members Hippie Neighbour Collective, and the complete soundcheck of "Damo Suzuki & The Whole"'s last concert in december last year.
The focus on "CD 2" is on "MIRG", "Steffi & Stolle" & "Stolle & Member". Steffi & Stolle is a one of our rare and always delightful "half-mirg"-projects. Steffi & Stolle are the two singer/songwriter type of musicians, while the other two Marcus & Member are more kind of a free flow kind and not so well musically educated.... whatever that means. This is the first time Steffi & Stolle joined as a duo, because Steffi wished to make a Blues record with Stolle. They met last year at Stolle's place and did some wonderful and very recommended recordings, although not quite Blues. Listen to it here for the first time, and maybe we are posting more of this beautiful music. Same thing with the music of MIRG. We meet just once a year, making the most beautiful music, record it ... just to disappear in our archives. Here are three incredible pieces made during our last meeting at the Akademie Reuschberg.
The Stolle & Member tracks were posted here before.
Enjoy this ride through our constantly changing Universe.

Get the whole thing here and here.

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