Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Unterwegs Mit Stolle & Member 2002

This is something special from our "Gojira"-year, 2002. One year before, we founded The Whole as our live performing project, but in the beginning of 2002 we had a crisis during our so called "Black Whole - Workshop", and so we decided to perform live as Stolle & Member. This was some kind of a life demo CD for concert organisers. Nothing happened, of course. (It was only after re-establishing The Whole as a live band, that we started performing as Stolle & Member also.)
There are some outtakes from the Gojira CD and some interesting new tracks we did later in 2002.
Gospel Road is a piece done on UBIK paint's old 8-track tape recorder.
Loop One is based on double bass loops done by member, overdubbed by stolle and then overdubbed again by member.

You find the thing here


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