Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

Stolle & Member - DOPE EP (2001)

Time to jump into the time machine again and travel into the year 2001. Dope was an EP accompaniying our "Doppelalbum". Some kind of tribute to VU's Sister Ray, this became a drug influenced guitar noise piece. Back then we felt it didn't quite fit in the more pop-ish style of the Doppelalbum, so we created this EP. You get 4 different mixes and a 2001 re-visit to our track "23" from 1998, the beginning of the Stolle & Member work as a duo, in the so called "Numbers" - Era. More about Numbers in our next post.
The DOPE EP. Experimental Guitar Noise Drone Work. A exiting find from out of our vaults.
Find the monster here and enjoy it.

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