Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Stolle - Wood Songs 2004

After finishing his LAST - album, Stolle took things literally and stopped recording as an Solo-Artist. In 2004, however he started recording again, this time featuring just his voice, his acoustic guitar (and ...errrr... a telephone), and mostly doing covers of stuff he found influential on him or that was requested by his friends (Member, for example, requested Radioaktivität). Thus returning to his roots as the semiprofessional campfire-musician he was in his teens, the result was pretty cool. A beautiful cover was made by Jürgen, - and nothing happened.
But then, last week, Jürgen came to the bar where Stolle works, had some Single Malt Whiskys, and so it came to pass that finally we have another Stolle record - the one after the last one. Never say never, they say...
Get three songs here:


get the one after the last one here

luv, stolllllllle

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