Dienstag, 19. August 2008

HLFP 02 - Embryo Thoughts

This is the second Compilation from homemade lofi psychedelic. The Concept for this Compilation was, that every artist recorded a song exclusively for that compilation. The Call arrived to us just as Member arrived at home after the Stolle & Member recording workshop, so it was easy for us to choose one new track that fits perfect into this compilation. Member did a mix of one track called "Wellen", that we recorded on two different sources, CD & MD, mix it together and cut it down to the recommended length of 10 minutes and send it to Mike, the contributor of homemade lofi psychedelic, and then Members Computer crushed down, because the motherboard was damaged...

Now everything is fixed again all the data was saved and we're back again to please you with emptyblaukraut music starting with this compilation....
You can get it here on

homemade lofi psychedelic

The first Compilation, HLFP 01 - Relax And Float Downstream, contains also an emptyblaukraut track, in this case an Egomania Track taken from the album MOON


stolle & member