Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

Stolle & Member - When The Machines Rock 2008

Hello Friends,
here we go again! Having met at Stolle's place in July, we recorded several hours worth of new material, and after our track WELLEN, which you can find on the EMBRYO THOUGHTS - Sampler by HLFP 02, we would like to give to you the next piece culled from these sessions.
This one is a 50-minute-impro which occasionally turned into a cover of an old Lay De Fear- Tune called WHEN THE MACHINES ROCK.
For those of you who like to check it out first, here's a single edit and an excerpt of the original Lay De Fear Version:

Get the whole thing

Embryonic machine 10:32

Birth Of The Machine 9:11
Wake Of The Machine (mixed & edit) 12:59
When The Machines Rock (mixed & edit) 15:20

Stay tuned for upcoming stuff, and enjoy!
Stolle & Member

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