Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Astrosound Sternenklangkonzert 2.8.1998

Chapter 4 of the Cosmic Tale of Astrosound.
This is the whole concert on Marcus' (Lay De Fear, MIRG) Birthday Party in 1998. It was an outstanding concert. Still we got our structures from the "Kosmische Schaltung"-Phase, but this time we were going wild again and expand the improvisation space, Space, Space, it's ASTROSOUND.
After that we changed our name, because Heiko was unhappy with the esoteric feel of "Astrosound" and we called us "Projekt 7" and after that a lots of others I can't remember now... "Space Modul" was one of these names that lastet a little bit longer. Months later I slowly get bored of the dance and party culture, worked with Stolle again and in 2000 i quit this thing. Sure we all stayed friends and from time to time I made sessions with Heiko and with Thomas I started the Project "Amphibius" (more about Amphibius soon on emptyblaukraut). Nowadays ASTROSOUND is history and in the last months we all thaught about a reunion concert maybe around next year.
I think with these four posts you get a very good impression what ASTROSOUND was.
Space Space Space Space Space it's ASTROSOUND!
Enjoy this Bomb  of Sound!


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