Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Astrosound Kosmische Schaltungen 1997 - 1998

Chapter 3 of the Amazing Astrosound Story.
Some Months later we are just a duo and developped our "Kosmische Schaltung". This was our new system or equipment setting. Everything is connectet and everyone played everything. We got a lot more of great synths, analog sequencers and drumcomputers by that time and our music is more groovy, melodic and mininmal, but still it's cosmic music, space you know, Space, Space, Space ... it's ASTROSOUND.
The Track "Cosmic Wings is one of the first recordings of the "Kosmische Schaltung" a tape side long session and almost some kind of ballad. After these early sessions we were working on structures, that we can use for live improvisations. "Dream of the raising fish" is the one of them I Liked most in these days. You can compare the studio version to the live version. And there is another live version called "Kosmische Phase". Both Live Versions were recorded at Weisskirchen Sessions I think.

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