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Astrosound - 1. Weiskirchener Elektronik Tage 1997

Capter 2 of Astrosound.
Our second concert on the "1. Weisskirchener Elektronik Tage" The Weisskirchen Electronic Scene was centerd around Elektrasmus (Holger aka Zarkov & Uwe aka Yapacc), mostly shared with Guba and Astrosound. It found a home at Uwes place at this time, the house of his grandmother, i believe... We met there once in a week and doin live sessions in the cellar and invited some friends and once in the year we clebrated it in a great festival - The "Weisskirchener Elektronik Tage". It was the coolest and best hidden secret of the frankfurt techno scene in the 90s, öchem....
So this was the start of the Weisskirchen scene for me and Astrosound and the last concert with our guitar player Thomas. We decided to get more electronic and play more on Techno Parties and Raves. A drug influenced scene in that time and Thomas, the most psychedelic guitar player I knew, didn't like drugs and smoke-filled places and so we decided to go on as a duo, not that we were a drughead band, Heikos drug is the Lord and we were praying before we started playing. So you don't need drugs to be psychedelic and mind expanded. It was a spiritual sound search in endless space. Space. Space. you know... it's ASTROSOUND.
But back to this evening. I got a new synth - korg ms 20 and made strange things with turntables and heiko got a new old drumcomputer casio rz 1, which was a lot better in use for our type of music. So here we are a lot more groovy, but our space is huge and neverending.
A Psychedelic Mind Trip!
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