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Astrosound - Tell Me Something About Art 1997

Another Chapter in emptyblaukraut history. We're coming now to the wonderous story about Astrosound. For Member the Lay De Fear Experience lead to the beginning interrest in electronic music. In the days after Lay De Fear I wanted to play electronic music. By that time Air Liquide and similar artists have a deep impact on me. Live Techno Acts who made very spontaneous and improvised, psychedelic, wild, free form techno, or electronic groove music, call it as you will techno, acid, house, dub, trance, breakbeat it's all techno music. I made music on computer before, but I didn't like it. It wasn't spontaneous, it wasn't free. You had to use old analog synths, sequencers and drum computers to do real live programming. So in the beginning of 1997 I bought my first analog synth, a roland sh 2000, met some friends with the same approach and we founded the live electronic project Astrosound.
In the Beginning Astrosound were three people Thomas on guitar with thousands of effect units, Heiko on synths and drumcomputer and Member on synths and bass played through a bass-synthesizer unit. We weren't so rhythm orientatet, our aproach in music was space, the farest space an imagination can reach. When I listen to the early Astrosound today it reminds me more on bands like Hawkwind then electronic groove music. We had no real sequencers and our first drumcomputer was real shit, was the same one Lay De Fear had. But wow we were spacey, wow, Space, Space, Space, Sound ... we call it ASTROSOUND.
This is the first Astrosound Live Experience at the Kommunikationsfabrik in Frankfurt.
(Funny Thing: I play again this Friday at the Kommunikationsfabrik for the first time since 1997 and again with free electronic groove music, this time with Lover 303 (= Conni Maly (Lava 303) and Manni Neumeier (Guru Guru) More about this here.)
We played at an Exhibition. The Artist, a sculptor, made art out of scrap. The Exhibition was in a huge white room. In the middle of the room was a labyrinth with the sculptures in it and in a corner of the room was our place, but the moste place in this big room was empty space, space - you know.... It was a great experience to play here our first concert. On some tracks Uwe from Electrasmus jammed with us and it was a beginning for a new scene and stories and music to come, but more in the next chapter.
First Enjoy this and that.


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