Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008

UBIK paint - A Collection of 2006 Remasters

UBIK paint was Stolle's Band at his hometown, working from 1996-2001. Meeting at least once a week, Martin, Stephan and Stolle recorded their stuff with an experimental approach, which did not prevent the occasional pop-song from emerging. Having three strong Singer/Songwriters and Multiinstrumentalists in one Band was not the worst thing either. They released 3 1/2 records, played a handful of gigs, and nothing happened. All participants agree that UBIK paint was the best band they ever had. For further information, check Stephan's page ubisonic.
After splitting, Stolle got the analogue 8-Track-Recorder and all of the Mastertapes, so that in 2006 he did a complete remastering of that stuff, of which you can hear a collection right here.

4 examples for your listening pleasure:

and the whole thing here

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