Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008

Damo Suzuki & The Whole Live @ Cellarium, Knittlingen 9.5.2008

Our third Gig with Damo Suzuki & The Whole. The Location was very beautiful, and for the second time we were enlightened by the wonderful lightshow of Kosmik Klaus & His Solar Sea Slide Show. We played a very powerful, loud and grooving show. Maybe our best gig with Damo yet...
This is Members first rough mix of the show, but we still like it. Recorded the same way we did it last time - 8 track laptop recording.

get it here and here

Stolle & Member

alternate link (megaupload)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Now Megaupload has gone is there any way of getting these great recordings??

member hat gesagt…

we will reupload our dead links, but you have to be patient... it will take its time.... but in this case, you can download the whole set via divshare

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for this info but I can't get the divshare download to work......

Anonym hat gesagt…

I've tried a few divshare downloads on other sites and they work ok so its not my this a quick fix? Or a big nuisance? I'd love to download your recordings.... many thanks