Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007


Es ist ein sehr produktiver Abend geworden. Dies ist unser "Shoegazer"-Stück.
Wir präsentieren euch Teil 2 + 4.
(Teil 1 verbrachten wir damit die Maschinen anzuwerfen und ihnen solange gut zuzureden, bis sie von alleine weiterliefen. Teil 3 ist eine Serie katastrophaler Unfälle.)
Viel Spaß

It seems to be a very productive evening. This is our attempt in "shoegazing".
We proudly present Part 2 + 4 of a 40-minute-session.
(During Part 1 we started the machines and talked them into doing the dirty work, while Part 3 was a series of catastrophies.)
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Catasto Elettrico hat gesagt…

We just listened to this one first and are listening REUSCHBERG now. You have a very interessting cosmic touch that we really appreciate and in some way, as it is for WLFC, though different in forms (but sometimes not too much) we feel that the spirit and the roots of your insipration are similar to ours. Also the site project and aim seems to be very similar to our. Very cool. We have linked you as friend band. We'll listen to the other stuff... On with the show... All the bests
Catasto Elettrico

member hat gesagt…

Don't worry we will Re Up all dead links in the next weeks...
stay tuned on emptyblaukraut
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