Montag, 1. Oktober 2007

What is emptyblaukraut?

Emptyblaukraut is just our own label for all the free improvising music projects where Stolle & Member are involved.

Stolle & Member are two guys from different towns - Karlruhe and Frankfurt/m.
We're making free improvised music together since 1993.

Stolle & Member as a duo is our central project, mostly studio performances...
Egomania is members solo project,
while Stolles fine and rare solo works, you find under Stolle ...

The Whole is our Rock Trio, with Christian on drums and sometimes Damo Suzuki (ex-CAN) on vocals, mostly a Live Act...

MIRG is our experimental, electroacoustic quartet with our friends Marcus and Steffi from our great past free Impro Experimental Project Lay De Fear. Mostly intimate music workshops for ourselves.

Lay De Fear was our strongly-telepathic-playing beginning of free impro music. It lasted from 1993 - 1996. The Core of the Band were Stolle, Member and Chris and sometimes up to 10 other people.

Under the name of emptyblaukraut comes the music of all of these projects and some others. We will jump in time and styles and projects.

But the Beginning of it all was a time journey through the music of Stolle & Member on our
myspace site and so we started with our old Stolle & Member stuff...


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Catasto Elettrico hat gesagt…

we are Catasto Elettrico. We are awared now that you have linked us in your blog, so we'll do the same in return soon. Think you know yet our releases: we posted a new one just today. We are just now downloading yours and we'll write you back as soon we had listened to them. See you here and there... Catasto Elettrico