Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Stolle & Member - Sonntags Aufm Dorf 2008

Welcome to the next chapter of the Adventures of Stolle & Member's July 2008 Recordings!
This time we present you some more song- and freak-folk-oriented tunes.
The title "Sonntags Aufm Dorf" means Sunday in the village, because Stolle lives in a little village and enjoys it pretty much. This is the shortest mix of this original 15 minutes piece, maybe later we might release some more of this.
At the beginning of our meeting, Stolle's girlfriend was still there, trying to get a ride to Berlin, and so Stolle sings for her "
I wanna go to Berlin" in the second song.
Ohne Strom" was one of our best, sadly unrecorded tunes, so we use the lyrics of the song to overdub another.
I'm a Funky Brother" was a little funky track that we recorded to calm down right after the "When The Machines Rock" -Experience.
Das Grammophon" was an overdub made by Member during the master process at his home, using a radio and vocals.
Soundcheck" was the very first track we recorded as a recording soundcheck.
Öffne Dein Herz" -Open Your Heart is a beautiful little tune with acoustic guitars and toy keyboard.
10 Jahre 98" is a two-acoustic-guitars-tune, as we did way back in the days of our "Numbers-" Period in 1998, which had been the start of Stolle and Member as a Duo.
Dogyo Ninin" is a electro-acoustic piece with the use of distortion and feedback on percussion and keyboards. The track title was inspired by Ian McDonald's SciFi Book "Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone"
The Centerpiece of these tunes is a track called "Die Fingur". An electro-acoustic tour de force using delayed toy keys, bass, flute, zither and several percussion. In this track and also in "Das Grammophon" we use Poems of Christian Morgenstern, a well-known german writer.
We hope you will enjoy our journeys! More adventures soon will come.

Listen to three tracks.

Get the whole thing here.

Stolle & Member

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Gogo6969 hat gesagt…

Hi Stolle,

"Sonntag aufm Dorf"... so fühle ich mich Sonntags auch immer... ;-))

Grüße Wolfgang/Gogo