Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Stolle & Member: SPACE FREAKS

Good Morning,
 today we proudly present our newest release SPACE FREAKS!

recorded at blaukraut studio, bruchhausen, june 8+9th, 2012
written and performed by Stolle & Member
mixed by Stolle, mastered by Member
the tracks:

get it here
luv, stolle & member

ps: you wanna know the story behind this? read the comments!

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stolle hat gesagt…

The making of Space Freaks.

After a long time without a proper Stolle & Member full length album we really felt the urge to do one.
So we met at Stolle's place on june 7th to get things done.
The first evening we drank beer and talked about what we wanted to do. Soon we found out that we wanted to do a SciFi-themed album and immediately established a concept that already had 5 tracks, rough running times, and also the thought of mirroring the acts of the classic german drama, as in Goethe or Schiller. It went like this:

1. (no title, but this should be a crisp introduction of the theme), 3 minutes
2. Hypnoschulung. (The proposed hero is to be educated subconciously. This one we realized pretty as planned) 8 minutes.
3. Erfahre den Kosmos (the hero opens up to space and learns about its wonders and dangers) 23 minutes
4. Im Mahlstrom. (hero goes nuts) 5 minutes
5. Erleuchtung. (hero gets enlightened) 8 minutes

After decades of experience with far out concepts, we were pretty optimistic to be able to pull this one off, and started recording the next morning. Knowing that it would be difficult to remember to eat while recording we integrated two barbecue sessions recorded outside in Stolle's backyard which were used throughout tracks 3-5. The song Into The Light hit us like a lightning out of nowhere during one of these.

The living room recordings also went well, the blanks were filled out by doing PTEs using two movies, Star Wars, and Godzilla und die Monster aus dem All, as well as Episode 81 of the Podcast of Ice and Fire, and near the end the starchild song was given to us. Although we could not exactly stay true to the concept, the final result came pretty close to what was planned, which makes us very proud.

In the evening of the third day we decided we were finished.
The final tracklisting was done, replacing the working titels with the final ones.
The morning after Stolle did the mixdown, creating extra single mixes for two tracks, and that was it.

For those who are keen to know who did what, find out for yourselves. Here's what we played:
acoustic + electric guitar,
access virus c virtual synth triggered by akai x 7000 antique sampler keyboard,
yamaha psr 7 keys,
fruity loops,
various child toys from member's workplace,
cheap effect units by zoom, boss, and behringer,
ibanez rock and play rp 50 sampler (google this!),
plus a field recording from outside stolle's house.

recordings were done with a zoom h4 digital recorder and a zoom r 16 recorder, using a sony microphone and a shure sm 57.

luv stollllllllllllllllllllle