Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

New Single : STARCHILD

Hello world,

We have just finished a weekend of recording at Stolle's place. It was a hell of a ride. There will be a full length album soon, the first one in several years.
Right now, we can present a single called STARCHILD, a track we edited down from the 22 minute Album-Version to get a 3-minute song in a different mix for your listening pleasure.
Stay tuned for further stuff (we promise, really..., not like the 23 times before)!

luv, Stollllle and Member


Anonym hat gesagt…

– »Jaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Ja, ja, ja!!!« –

Hallo Sterneneltern (...),
richtig toll spacy, euer 3-Min.-Appetizerle! Habs mir jetzt 4x hintereinander angehört. Bittebitte allerbaldigst die 20-min-extended-play-Version releasen (danke).

Es grüßt euch,
Jürgen (aus Karlsruhe, ganz ungeduldig)

MG hat gesagt…

Sehr schönes Astronomie-ah… Domino. Mit Gitarrenfräse. Weiter so!