Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

The Mirror Shows

Hello Everybody,
greetings from Stolle & Member! Having just done the gig with Ax Genrich, which was just fantastic (and we hope to post it soon right here), we got a little special thing for you in store in the meantime. While we were thinking of the good old times and our beloved pals we had the pleasure to make music with, we spontaneously recorded this tribute to Botany Bay, Stolle's UBIK paint-colleague Stephan Kleinert. We konw we couldn't do him justice, of course, but we did it with love. Here's to you, Stephan, and for everybody else to enjoy,

luv, stolllllle & member

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Stephan hat gesagt…


I feel honoured. Seriously.

And contemplative...

Thank you guys!!!