Dienstag, 20. November 2012

STOLLE: bye bye 4-track

This is a new single by Stolle, celebrating my good old 4-track-taperecorder which is supposed to retire now, for I finally managed to get my first digital multitracker. I'm not quite sure yet if this will be an improvement, because I really loved recording tapes, the feel and sound of it - I guess I'm an analogue guy.
Side A is called bye bye 4-track and also features my new korg pocket synthesizer.
Side B, Down, comes from the first session of Ralf und Stolle, a new project. Ralf is an old friend from my hometown who started making music recently and played the breathtaking beautiful organ on this one.
Hope you like it!
luv, stollllllllllle

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Stolle,
It's good to see you.
Your friend,
Sam Frantz