Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

MIRG - Inferno Der Dimensionen P.T.E. #1 2009

Time to hear again from one of our most beloved Projects, the sweet and fragile thing called MIRG! This time we met, sadly, without Steffi and so we did a boys camp thing, drank lots of alcohol and flew away. While fighting the omnipresent flys buzzing around and in our heads, we made plenty of music, channeling the vibes of African Music, The Beach Boys, Velvet Underground, Tangerine Dream or Pink Floyd. Another thing is - we got a Tambura again which provided the drones of India.
All of this and a lot more is mixed and refined by the anarchistic manners of MIRG.
The title of the thing is borrowed from Perry Rhodan, a german pulp-SF-series that Stolle is a big fan of.
So here you got a first Psychedelic Transfer Explosion, scanning our new recordings, and believe me - This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

Get the whole thing here.



icastico hat gesagt…

Lovely stuff.
I think you may find lots to like over at my place.

icastico hat gesagt…

PS. Just added a link to you over at my place.